The Perfect Snack

A snack is only good when it fits the situation. So a perfect snack fits the situation perfectly. Right?

Let’s aim higher. Is there a snack that fits just about every situation perfectly for your type-one kid?

Let’s think about the factors the might be important in different situations.


It’s tempting to list “low carb” first. That’s the first thing I think of. But it can be a zero carb snack and, if Charlie won’t eat it, it’s totally useless.

If he eats it only most of the time, let’s say we’ll give it a B.

Low Carb

Isn’t it nice when you can give the kid a snack without a finger check, without an injection or fooling with the pump, and without a high or a low in the following hour or two?

Don’t answer that. I’ll answer for you. Yes. It’s nice. It’s very nice.

Low carb could mean zero actual carbs, or it could mean negligible carbs or it could maybe even mean high carb but ultra-low GI. The goal is for it not to affect the blood sugar in a way that requires correction.

Low Prep

The perfect snack doesn’t require hours of my time to put together, even in advance. Not even in batches. Even if the result of the prep is otherworldly in every other one of these factors, if it takes my whole Sunday to get it ready, that’s a big ding against it. My time is valuable.


Sometimes I need something I can throw into the diaper bag at the beginning of a day, so I can then whip it out whenever Charles says he’s hungry.


We’re fortunate folks. We can afford to eat premium food if we choose to. But all things being equal, we’d rather spend our money on other stuff. Or save it.

Long Shelf Life

Is it something we can stock up on? Can we keep a stash of it on hand at all times? Can we buy in bulk?


Maybe I’m a bad parent for putting this last. (Hey, at least I thought of it.)

Different people have different ideas about what is healthy. Alicia and I tend to have a Paleo-centric mindset when it comes to this sort of thing. But that’s a whole other article. For now, let’s say that the healthier side of the spectrum contains real, whole foods. Veggies good. Ho-hos bad.


So what hits all these criteria? Stay tuned. Next time, we’ll look at a few candidates for the perfect T1D snack.